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Title: Determination of real clearances between cycloidal speed reducer elements by the application of heuristic optimization
Authors: Kostic N.
Blagojevic M.
Petrović N.
Matejic, Milos
Marjanovic N.
Journal: Transactions of Famena
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2018
Abstract: © 2017 Transactions of Famena. All Rights Reserved. The actual cycloidal speed reducer elements differ from their theoretical ideal due to existing tolerances; therefore, the cycloid disc behaves like a corrected one. This study is oriented towards determining contacts in corrected cycloid speed reducer profiles from the aspect of geometry. Based on this geometry, an objective function was developed for the optimization with some limitations. Heuristic optimization was used to determine the position of the cycloidal drive elements when a contact was established and, consequently, to determine clearances in other places. Some limitations were set so that the model could reflect a real contact. In this study, a TLBO algorithm was used for the optimization of a cycloidal speed reducer. Clearances were analysed for different correction values of the cycloid disc profile of an actual cycloidal drive and the optimization procedure was presented. The results provide a real picture of the contact in the presence of inevitable machining tolerances.
Type: Article
DOI: 10.21278/TOF.42102
ISSN: 13331124
SCOPUS: 85045306367
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