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Title: Radiant recuperator modeling and design
Authors: Kneževič J.
Karamarković R.
Karamarkovic V.
Stojić N.
Journal: Thermal Science
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2017
Abstract: Recuperators are frequently used in glass production and metallurgical processes to preheat combustion air by heat exchange with high temperature flue gases. Mass and energy balances of a 15 m high, concurrent radiant recuperator used in a glass fiber production process are given. The balances are used: For validation of a cell modeling method that predicts the performance of different recuperator designs, and for finding a simple solution to improve the existing recuperator. Three possible solutions are analyzed: To use the existing recuperator as a countercurrent one, to add an extra cylinder over the existing construction, and to make a system that consists of a central pipe and two concentric annular ducts. In the latter, two air streams flow in opposite directions, whereas air in the inner annular passage flows concurrently or countercurrently to flue gases. Compared with the concurrent recuperator, the countercurrent has only one drawback: The interface temperature is higher at the bottom. The advantages are: Lower interface temperature at the top where the material is under maximal load, higher efficiency, and smaller pressure drop. Both concurrent and countercurrent double pipe-in-pipe systems are only slightly more efficient than pure concurrent and countercurrent recuperators, respectively. Their advantages are smaller interface temperatures whereas the disadvantages are their costs and pressure drops. To implement these solutions, the average velocities should be: For flue gas around 5 m/s, for air in the first passage less than 2 m/s, and for air in the second passage more than 25 m/s.
Type: Article
DOI: 10.2298/TSCI160707232K
ISSN: 03549836
SCOPUS: 85019696599
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