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Title: Study on properties of alloys with gallium, antimony and zinc from recycling
Authors: Dervišević I.
Minic D.
Kolarevic, Milan
Kamberović Ž.
Runić Ristić M.
Journal: Ecological Chemistry and Engineering S
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2013
Abstract: Alloys with gallium, antimony and zinc, whose elements, metal constituent WEEE (they are specified for mobile phones) are particularly important for developing photoelectron devices, simple reproductive methods of producing p-n structures GaSb, also for production and construction of photo-wave cells in solar panels and they are also processes which develop ceramic semiconductors. In addition, these alloys represent possible substitute for standard lead-tin seam. For the complete definition of the properties of the ternary Ga-Sb-Zn system there were performed many researches of the alloys. The microstructures of the alloys were investigated by usage of SEM with EDS and optic microscopy. By usage of CALPHAD method there was detected the isothermal cross-section at 25°C. The GaSb has similarities in the properties and behaviour with GaAs, and it is a potential material for the construction of the p-n diode, the photo-wave and thermo-photo-wave cells in solar panels and LCDs. Newly developed materials have been recommended as an adequate replacement for lead and arsenic, which are very dangerous and harmful metals.
Type: Article
DOI: 10.2478/eces-2013-0042
SCOPUS: 84892150051
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