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Title: Seasonal performance of shared silage combine harvesters in a machinery ring
Authors: Koprivica, Ranko
Veljković, Biljana
Radivojević, Dušan
Dedić, Tatjana
Mileusnić, Zoran
Terzić, Dragan
Babović-Đorđević, Maja
Đokić, Dragoslav
Journal: Acta agriculturae Serbica
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: The article presents the results of monitored operation of combines during the first season of their joint use for silage preparation in the northern part of Montenegro in machinery rings in the municipalities of Bijelo Polje, Berane and Pljevlja. The seasonal performance was determined for a total of 6 combines, of which only one was used for the preparation of silage from whole corn plants, one combine was used for preparing silage from cuts, and four combines were intended for direct mowing and ensiling of grass. The research included 7 machinery rings and 45 farmers, of which 11 (24.44%) shared harvesters for the preparation of silage from grass, alfalfa, a mixture of legumes, and grain. During the season, the shared harvesters worked 45 days and achieved an output of 23.95 ha and 687.75 t of silage. For the preparation of silage from whole corn plants in 2 machinery rings, a joint combine was used by 9 farmers. The total seasonal performance of the combine was 14.9 ha of harvested land, and 468.45 t of corn silage for 19 days of work. The extent of use of shared silage combine harvesters depends on plot size, area under fodder plants, organization of work, output of the combine, optimal dates for cultural operations, and weather conditions i.e. the number of days suitable for work, etc.
Type: Article
DOI: 10.5937/AASer2049089K
ISSN: 0354-9542
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