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Title: The effect of a plant mixture (garlic, mint and rosemary) on production and slaughter indicators in broiler chickens
Authors: Petričević, Veselin
Lukić, Miloš
Škrbić, Zdenka
Petričević, Maja
Bogosavljević-Bošković, Snežana
Dosković, Vladimir
Rakonjac, Simeon
Journal: Acta agriculturae Serbica
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: The study objective was to examine the effect of the addition of different concentrations of a mixture of three plants (garlic, mint and rosemary) in the diet of broiler chickens on production and slaughter results. The mixture was formed by grinding plants after drying and mixing them in a ratio of 1: 1: 1. The experiment was performed on 600 chickens divided into 4 groups with 3 replicates per group. The chickens were fed at will and the composition of the diet differed only in the amount of added mixture. No mixture was added in control group (C). Group MIX-I chickens consumed a diet supplemented with 0.25% of the mixture, group MIX-II diet contained 0.5% of the mixture supplement, while group MIX-III broilers received 0.75% of the mixture in their diet. At the end of the experimental period, at the age of 42 days, the body weight of the chickens was measured. Mortality, feed conversion and EPEF were determined. At the end of the experiment, 12 chickens (6 males and 6 females) were sacrificed by random sampling from each group in order to determine slaughter results. The obtained results showed that the use of the mixture of three plants had a positive effect on the production parameters. MIX-II group chickens had significantly higher (p<0.01) body weights, better feed conversion and significantly higher (p<0.01) EPEF values compared with C group. No significant differences in slaughter performances were found.
Type: Article
DOI: 10.5937/AASer2050149P
ISSN: 0354-9542
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