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55-SoBT2023_Pantelić V. et al.pdf.jpg2023THE ANTIOXIDANT POTENTIAL OF CONVECTIVE AND MICROWAVE-DRIED RASPBERRIESPantelić, Valerija; Miletic, Nemanja; Milovanović, Vesna; Đurović I.; Petković, Marko
66-SoBT2023_Milovanović V. et al.pdf.jpg2023COMPARISON OF COW’S MILK WITH PLANT-BASED MILK ALTERNATIVES: SELECTED CHEMICAL AND PHYSICAL ANALYSISMilovanović, Vesna; Petrović, Miloš; Kurćubić, Vladimir; Petković, Marko; Miletic, Nemanja; Đurović, Igor
0354-95422254137P.pdf.jpg2022Energy consumption and dehydration parameters of microwave drying of carrotPetković, Marko; Miletić, Nemanja; Kurćubić, Vladimir; Lukyanov, Alexander; Đurović, Igor; Filipović, Vladimir; Mladenovic, Vladimir
56-SoBT2023_Pantelić V. et al.pdf.jpg2023ENERGY USAGE AND RASPBERRY CONVECTIVE AND MICROWAVE DRYING PARAMETERSPantelić, Valerija; Miletic, Nemanja; Milovanović, Vesna; Petković, Marko; Lukyanov, Alexander; Filipović, Vladimir; Djurović, Igor
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2021Microwave dehydration of potato slices and assessment of energy efficiencyPetković, Marko; Lukyanov, Alexandr; Djurovic, Igor; Miletic, Nemanja; Studennikova S.; Filipovic, Vladimir; Milovanovic, Jelena
0354-98362100285F.pdf.jpg2022MODELLING CONVECTIVE THIN-LAYER DRYING OF CARROT SLICES AND QUALITY PARAMETERSFilipovic, Vladimir; Filipović, Jelena; Petković, Marko; Filipović I.; Miletic, Nemanja; Djurovic, Igor; Lukyanov, Alexandr
44-SoBT2023_Kurćubić V. et al.pdf.jpg2023NATURAL ANTIMICROBIAL AGENTS: APPLICATION IN FOOD PRESERVATION AND FOOD BORN DISEASE CONTROLKurćubić, Vladimir; Stajić, Slaviša; Miletic, Nemanja; Petković, Marko; Đurović I.; Milovanović, Vesna