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Title: A Fuzzy Multicriteria Method for E-learning Quality Evaluation
Authors: Stefanovic, Miladin
Tadic, Danijela
Arsovski, Slavko
Arsovski, Zora
Aleksic, Aleksandar
Journal: International Journal of Engineering Education
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: Quality is a phenomenon which is in the core of any type of e-learning development. There is a demand for e-training systems evaluation in order to benchmark them and improve factors that will lead to an effective high quality e-training system. This paper introduces a multi-criteria method for e-learning quality evaluation. To evaluate an e-learning system, we decomposed the e-learning process into sub-processes and activities. The quality of each activity was evaluated both numerically and using linguistic expressions. Following this methodology a number of issues were addressed, such as trainee satisfaction, relative importance of decision criteria, measurement and analysis of trainee on-the-job performances, improvement of the relationships with management and other stakeholders. Quantitative presentations of the e-training process quality enable comparison of different e-training processes and their ranking according to the level of quality.
Type: article
ISSN: 0949-149X
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