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Title: Identification of the stress-strain state of a cylindrical tank with walls of variable thickness
Authors: Djelošević, Mirko
Petrović, Dragan
Bižić, Milan
Journal: FME Transactions
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: This paper presents the stress-strain analysis of a cylindrical tank shell made of two segments with different thickness, loaded by the hydro-static pressure of water. Physical and mathematical models relevant for the analysis of deflection and stresses of the tank shell as a function of hydro-static pressure are built. Functions of distribution of deflection, transverse forces and appropriate moments of the tank shell, i.e. tank segments, as well as stresses are determined. The mutual influences among the tank segments, depending on the length and thickness of the plate of applied segments, are identified, which creates the possibility of optimum design of tanks that are symmetrically loaded in relation to the axis. The results obtained by the analytical procedure correspond to the results of FEM. Diagrams of distribution of deflection, moments, transverse forces and stresses are identical, while the maximum deviation of those values does not exceed 5 %.
Type: article
ISSN: 1451-2092
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