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Title: Phase-field damage simulation of subloop loading in TiNi SMA
Authors: Dunić, Vladimir
Matsui, Ryosuke
Takeda, Kohei
Zivkovic, Miroslav
Journal: International Journal of Damage Mechanics
Issue Date: 2024
Abstract: In practical applications, TiNi shape memory alloys (SMAs) exhibit behavior that can pose a challenge with current constitutive models and their implementations in finite element method (FEM) software. TiNi SMA devices typically operate in the forward or reverse martensitic transformation regime, which is known as subloop loading. During such cyclic loading–unloading, the hysteresis stress–strain loop changes because of material damage, which can be considered the fatigue of TiNi SMAs. During both the loading and unloading processes, the stress plateau decreases. At the same time, the accumulated (residual) martensitic transformation strain increases. In this study, the experimental investigation results and observations of the aforementioned phenomena are presented. Next, the phase-field damage model is employed, along with a modified Lagoudas constitutive model, to simulate the change in stress–strain hysteresis. Furthermore, a fatigue function is used to simulate the accumulation of martensitic transformation strain. The experimental stress–strain response is compared with the simulation results, and good quantitative and qualitative agreement is obtained. The damage and martensitic volume fraction with respect to strain are discussed for full-loop and subloop loading. The observations and conclusions, as well as open questions, are presented. Possible directions for future research are provided.
Type: article
DOI: 10.1177/10567895241245859
ISSN: 1056-7895
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