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Topalović Marko

 1. Kudrjavceva Ljudmila, Mićunović Milan, Topalović Marko, Sedmak Simon, Thermomechanics of soft inelastics bodies with application to asphalt behavior, null, 10.2298/TSCI130812184K (ISSN 0354-9836) 0354-98361300184K.pdf

 2. Topalović Marko, Damnjanovic D., Peulic A., Blagojevic M., Filipovic Nenad, Syllable-based speech recognition using electromyography and decision set classifier, null, 10.4015/S1016237215500209 (ISSN 1016-2372) 10.4015-S1016237215500209.pdf

 3. Djukic Tijana, Topalović Marko, Filipovic Nenad, Numerical simulation of isolation of cancer cells in a microfluidic chip, null, 10.1088/0960-1317/25/8/084012 (ISSN 0960-1317)

 4. Petrovic R., Zivkovic Miroslav, Topalović Marko, Slavkovic Radovan, Analytical, numerical and experimental stress assessment of the spherical tank with large volume, null, 10.17559/TV-20130905131504 (ISSN 1330-3651) 10.17559-TV-20130905131504.pdf

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 6. Fragassa Cristiano, Topalović Marko, Pavlović A., Vulovic Snezana, Dealing with the effect of air in fluid structure interaction by coupled SPH-FEM methods, null, 10.3390/ma12071162 10.3390-ma12071162.pdf

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 8. Aleksandar Nikolic, Topalović Marko, Simic Vladimir, Filipovic Nenad, Turbulent finite element model applied for blood flow calculation in arterial bifurcation, null, 10.1016/j.cmpb.2021.106328 (ISSN 0169-2607)

 9. Topalović Marko, Aleksandar Nikolic, Vulovic Snezana, Milovanović Vladimir, FSI ANALYSIS WITH CONTINUOUS FLUID FLOW USING FEM AND SPH METHODS IN LS-DYNA, null, 10.24874/jsscm.2021.15.02.09 (ISSN 1820-6530)

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 11. Stevanovic Dragoljub, Topalović Marko, Zivkovic Miroslav, IMPROVEMENT OF THE SPARSE MATRICES STORAGE ROUTINES FOR LARGE FEM CALCULATIONS, null, 10.24874/jsscm.2021.15.01.06 (ISSN 1820-6530)

 12. Topalović Marko, Nikolić Aleksandar, Milovanović Vladimir, Vulovic Snezana, Ivanovic Milos, Smoothed particle hydrodynamics for blood flow analysis: development of particle lifecycle algorithm, null, 10.1007/s40571-021-00454-6 (ISSN 2196-4378) CPM-LifeCycle - Submitted - Corrected.pdf

 13. Milovanović Vladimir, Arsić Dušan, Milutinovic Miroslav, Zivkovic Miroslav, Topalović Marko, A Comparison Study of Fatigue Behavior of S355J2+N, S690QL and X37CrMoV5-1 Steel, null, 10.3390/met12071199 (ISSN -)

 14. Djukic Tijana, Topalović Marko, Filipovic Nenad, Validation of lattice Boltzmann based software for blood flow simulations in complex patient-specific arteries against traditional CFD methods, null, 10.1016/j.matcom.2022.07.027 (ISSN 0378-4754)

 15. Nešović Aleksandar, Lukic Nebojsa, Cvetković Dragan, Marašević Miljan, Topalović Marko, THEORETICAL AND NUMERICAL ANALYSIS OF THE FIXED FLAT-PLATE SOLAR COLLECTOR WITH SN-AL2O3 SELECTIVE ABSORBER AND GRAVITY WATER FLOW, null, Thermal Science, 10.2298/TSCI230225100N (ISSN 0354-9836) TSCI230225100N (1).pdf

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 1. Zivkovic Miroslav, Janošević Miloš, Vulovic Snezana, Busarac Nenad, Topalović Marko, THERMAL ANALYSIS OF HIGH POWER REDUCTION GEARBOX, null 16_COMETa 2012.pdf

 2. Topalović Marko, Zivkovic Miroslav, Busarac Nenad, Vulovic Snezana, IMPROVEMENT AND INTEGRATION OF FEM SOLUTION USED FOR R&D INTO FEMAP, null 14_COMETa 2012.pdf

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 10. Topalović Marko, Vulovic Snezana, Zivkovic Miroslav, Bojović Milan, Combination of Bash and Python in Development of Wrappers used for Automation of Finite Element Analysis, null 31_ICIST2020-1.pdf

 11. Milovanović Vladimir, Bojović Milan, Topalović Marko, Zivkovic Miroslav, Vulovic Snezana, DEVELOPING ADVANCED SUBSYSTEM FOR SECURING STEEL COIL CARGO ON SHIMMNS WAGON CRADLES, null 04 RAILCON20 b.pdf

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 15. Zivkovic Miroslav, Milovanović Vladimir, Disic Aleksandar, Jovicic Gordana, Topalović Marko, A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF FATIGUE BEHAVIOR BETWEEN S355J2+N AND STRENX 700 STEEL GRADE, null 02 KM21.pdf

 16. Vulovic Snezana, Zivkovic Miroslav, Vujanac Rodoljub, Pavlović Ana, Topalović Marko, DETERMINING THE NUMERICAL VALUES OF THE POTENTIAL AT THE MEASURING POINTS, null COMETa22.pdf